Art As Prayer

The practice of art as prayer was an evolutionary process for me. I was teaching myself to paint on the computer using Photoshop, and this process naturally evolved. Every night I was creating angels, flowers, and some abstract art using the computer program, exploring colors and techniques. I started to notice there were days where the energy of the images was very strong and seemed to evoke a powerful response in me and in others that was heart opening. So I decided to check into it and see what was different about these images I was creating.

After some exploration I found that I was using art as prayer.

I understand now, that I was being used to bring light, and blessings to situations in the world through my art. I was writing about my process of co-creation, and I was prompted to look back at what was going on in the world when I created some of these images. So I looked back at the dates of when these files were created and did a Google search for the news that day. What I consistently found was there were situations and challenges going on in the world that the images appeared to be related to. There was a strong light energy in the paintings that I feel was to support the healing of whatever the situation was.

It was an eye-opening and humbling experience for me, and it has been an ongoing dialogue with spirit ever since. I have been working with myself to move more fully into this practice of co-creating and bringing light and blessings into situations around the world where there has been suffering and a lack of acceptance.

Here are a few examples of what I created.

Earth Angel

Golden Earth Angel:

This angel is rooted in the layers of the earth for balancing and bringing a golden light onto the planet. This angel came in right after the earthquake in China in April 2010. My experience of this is that she was helping, especially during the process of rebalancing and harmonizing the earth and all of its inhabitants by bringing light into the layers of the earth. In the news on this day, there were significant aftershocks from the earthquake, and there were a lot of requests to pray for all involved and for a greater stabilization of the earth. In my experience, there is a greater calling to bring love and light onto the planet as we experience both inner and outer challenges and integrate shifts in consciousness.

Water Angel

Water Angel:

This angel came to me right before the Tsunami hit Japan in March of 2011. From

my perspective it seems that this came through me as a way to anchor the light for all involved. I see now that this is an angel that is in the middle of the ocean with fire and chaos all around her. The angel looks like some of the anime characters from the Japanese culture, which I normally do not draw. Most of my art is more abstract; this is my first face in a painting and that has the characteristics of the anime characters as well.

These are just two examples, and there were many as I did this every day. Some days I would paint for hours and the light was very present with me as I did. I was in a prolific co-creative flow and participating in a lot of blessings.

Daily Practice: There are two ways I have found to practice this approach to co-creativity and I am sure that there are many more that you may find as you explore.

The first approach that I found is to start with any disturbance in the world or in your own life that you would like to bring blessings to. In whatever way works for you invite spirit into the co-creative process and bring blessings and light into the situation and all the people and places involved and allow your creative process to unfold while focusing on the blessings you would like to extend to the situation, yourself and others involved.

The second approach is to sit in meditation or prayer however you define that for yourself, take a few minutes of quiet time to ask for guidance and direction. Ask questions of spirit until the energy moves you into the co-creative process and see what evolves.

In both cases, allow yourself to be present and respond to the invitation or to extend an invitation to spirit and see what comes present. Either way, enjoy the process.

Both are beautiful ways to add more blessings onto the planet while creating beauty and also find your own ways to bring more beauty. We all can use more beauty in our lives.

I have learned that I can shift into sending prayers and light to the people involved through writing prayers, poetry, or co-creating art as a prayer. This is one of the most powerful experiences that I have of moving into greater acceptance and loving. The co-creative process of painting as a way to send light, peace, and balancing to situations around the world, where there is suffering going on or where there is a lack of acceptance, is truly a gift and a blessing to participate in.

Daily Practice:

There are two ways to practice this. The first is to start with any disturbance in the world and invite spirit into the co-creative process and bring blessings and light into the situation and all the people and places involved and allow your creative process to unfold.