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About Paula Majeski

I am a renaissance woman, a healer and an artist. I am blessed to have a wide range of gifts, talents and abilities that all support me in creating the experiences of God, connection, loving and blessings within myself and with others.


I am a student of life, constantly learning new things. I have a tremendous love of art, music and sports, but most important to my soul is my love of loving, gentleness, kindness and laughter.


I hold a doctorate in Spiritual Science from the Peace Theological Seminary and a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing from the University of Santa Monica. Through these two programs, which have profoundly informed my life, I have developed my healing and intuitive abilities, and I have found ways to live more fully present on the planet, knowing myself as a divine being having a human experience.


Through the process of my education I got back in touch with my co-creative partnership with spirit.  I have created over 1000 digital paintings and over 120 original paintings since 2009.   My intention for creating my art is to bring more healing and blessings into the world, which for me is what living on the planet is all about.



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