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I see my healing work as an opportunity to bring blessings into the world through all of my expression.  I am an intuitive, empath and healer which translates into an ability to know what needs to be done to bring forward healing on all levels and allows me to be present in any situation, circumstance or environment and assist in facilitating healing, balancing and loving.    


I experience myself as a facilitator of the healing consciousness,  as I believe that each individual is responsible for his or her own healing, which Spirit provides and I serve as a facilitator.   My experience is that all healing comes through strengthening our connection spiritually, by creating a container of love,  compassion and acceptance and finding a way to look at what is present in a new way.   As I work with clients, I access my guidance and healing abilities and through energy work and conversation, I support clients in the balancing of energy, assist in the healing of patterns in consciousness and the releasing of blocks.  I have developed trust in my guidance so that I do my best to follow inner guidance and direction, share what is being shown to me through my intuitive gifts, and bring loving and compassion forward in service to facilitating the greatest level of healing and grace available in each session.  

Empath and Energetic Coaching &Healing Sessions


Services include coaching on various topics, including living as an empath, energetic self-care, co-creativity, and healing and balancing in consciousness.  I also have a wide range of experience in the world, and my healing ability translates to many areas including business, work, relationships and just about any experience here on the planet.   I have been consulting, coaching and assisting others who are in the healing professions, coaches, entrepreneurs and business people in their work as well, providing a unique approach to all experiences here on the planet.    

I often get referrals when people do not know what to do and are looking for a new direction and/or are in need of a different way to context what they are experiencing.   The basics of the work are identifying what is going on, finding a new way to context the experience and facilitate healing, learning, and growth.  I assist clients in shifting perspectives and assist them in finding new ways to nurture, support themselves and move into greater expansion and expression.  I offer a unique perspective on how to relate to what is going on in consciousness and assist in shifting perspectives, changing context and translating the healing into sustainable action and results in the world.  

Sessions can be conducted in person or remotely via phone or zoom.



Empath and Energetic Coaching Integrated Healing Packages-


I have found that working with clients over time is the most efficient way to support them in healing and growing while integrating what is being learned.  This approach also allows me to provide greater support on all levels while we work together in a consistent and loving container on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.  Clients who choose to work with me in this way are given priority scheduling and are given more opportunities for connection.  


Each unique individual package is designed to meet the clients changing needs and vary from week to week.  The sessions can be a combination of many modalities, but all are designed to support clients in developing strategies and understanding that support self-reliance and expansion into creating more of what they want and less of what they do not want.    Each package is designed to support the client's needs and offers co-creative ways to work in consciousness and cultivate healing, learning, and growth.

6-month commitment-one (up to two hours ) session per week.

6-month commitment- two (up to two hours) sessions per month.

Individual Sessions - *available on a limited basis.

To schedule an appointment or start an integrated healing package

Energetic Birth Coaching

Services include assisting mothers-to-be in preparing their consciousness for the birth process on all levels, as well as supporting both parents in preparation for the delivery-day process. Prices dependent on actual services provided.

Energy Balancing and Healing Classes

Various ongoing classes are conducted on topics including living as an empath, how to stay clear as a practitioner, energetic self-care, the divine feminine and co-creating with Spirit. All classes are designed to support participants in experiencing healing, balancing, and expansion. through conscious conversations, exercises, and sharing.  

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