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The concept of “Bless Everything” arose from my heartfelt prayer and intention to make my unique contribution to the world and to participate in the blessings that are all around. It has also been my deep desire to support and assist others in doing the same.


What came forward for me was a way to contribute through my healing work, through co-creative expression and through various other means.


No matter what I am doing, I am aware that the opportunity is the same to bring forth these blessings so that they are present within myself and are extended and offered to others.


In the process, I have created many paintings, in various media, that are all intended to bring more blessings, beauty, joy, delight, comfort and even some humor into the world.


My work, in all its forms, has brought me into greater connection with myself and with Spirit, and it has opened my heart to greater joy and delight. I hope you experience the same as you explore my work and creativity.


We are all born to bring blessings into the world through our unique expression and through our participation.


My invitation is for all of us to Bless Everything in our lives so that we can all encounter more blessings. As I take this approach in my life, I find that the blessings multiply exponentially.


Try it out for yourself and let me know what you experience.

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