Thriving as an Empath

Thriving as an Empath in todays world has many opportunities for healing growth and learning.  I have developed a context for an empath to create more space both inside and outside to be able to more fully engage in the world.  After participating in this class you will have new tools to assist you in using your empathic skills and consciousness in ways that are uplifting, joyful and purposeful.  Each participant with develop unique ways to understand, express and cultivate their empathic and intuitive gifts.   Learn More...

Psychic Hygiene for Healers, Coaches and Practitioners

Psychic Hygiene is an approach I created and designed,  out of necessity, in order to do the work that I do in the world. I have combined and refined many different modalities and techniques to develop my own practices that support me in staying clear and balanced so that I can be of greater service in the world.  The foundational approach is one of strengthening the energy field and creating space in consciousness to enhance ones well being and self care while supporting others.  In this class participants will gain a greater understanding of how they relate to other energies and develop a system to better support themselves in staying clear, balances, and connected to themselves and spirit while serving in the world.  

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