Contributions and Blessings 

This 2-hour complimentary class will assist you in exploring your intention for making a contribution in the world and clearing out what is getting in the way of you manifesting your life the way you want it.

Defining Your Blessings

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If you are ready to be more out in the world and extend your blessings into the world, then this class is for you.  This class is a process of defining the blessings you would like to share in the world at this time.  By the end of this five-week class, you will have a concept that you can share with the world through any format you like. This class will guide you through a process of self-discovery, attunement to your gifts, and assist you in defining the blessings you could choose to share with the world.

  • Week 1: What is your why?  What are you here to share? How do you want to serve?
  • Week 2: What is the invitation? How do you want to invite people into your class?

  • Week 3: What is your role as a facilitator? How do you take care of yourself on all levels and stay aligned and on purpose while teaching a class? 

  • Week 4: What are the benefits of what you are offering? How do you want to share what you know with the class? 

  • Week 5: Q&A, completing the workbook. 


Tools for Manifesting Your Blessings
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This class will walk you through the steps to get a class online and out into the world in a simplified way.  We will facilitate you through the steps in a clear and concise way so you can focus on sharing your blessings into the world with the details laid out so you can follow them easily. 
  • Week 1: Establishing your presence (In-person and Online) and creating a container for your class
  • Week 2: Basics of Invitation, outreach, and support team

  • Week 3: Energetics of Selling- giving choices and trusting the process 

  • Week 4: Confidence and comfort with presentation skills 

  • Week 5: Class Technology Requirements

  • Week 6: Setting up your Class- “Lights, Camera, Action”

  • Week 7: Delivering value-added content & post-class content sharing 

  • Week 8: Wrap up and Q & A

We Are All In This Together-Self-care in challenging times
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I am being called to offer a 10-week program for all of us to come together and support each other in navigating our current world situation.  All of us are experiencing disruptions in our daily lives, and many of us may be experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, fear, or even panic.  It feels like new “opportunities” are being added daily for our growth.  As part of this program, I am offering guidance and support based on my 20 plus years of experience as a healer/coach in bringing grace and healing to challenging situations.

My intention is to provide a place of peace, love, and healing as we navigate these uncharted waters together.  The content will include tools and techniques for uplifting, clearing, balancing, and healing ourselves, our loved ones, and the world during times of stress.  The format will include Q&A, participant sharing, supportive practices, and processes.  There will be ongoing video, audio, and written content to support you in navigating this new world we are currently living in.  All classes are recorded and available in both video and audio formats with 24 hours of class completing. 

Live-streamed classes will begin on Monday, October 26, 2020, from 5-7 PST for 10 consecutive weeks.  You will also have access to a private Facebook group established for sharing and support.  I will be posting content multiple times a week with meditations, Facebook live videos, and different practices for you to try out for yourself. 

If you need to miss a session, you will have access to the recording within 24 hours.

Cost: 150 USD 


I have intentionally reduced the cost of this program to $15 per week in hopes of assisting as many people through this transition as possible. 

No one will be turned away due to financial hardship, please reach out to me at or text or call me at 310-594-4448 if you are in need of financial assistance or need to be on a payment plan.  If you are in a position to assist others with a scholarship, please let me know that as well.  This would be a beautiful opportunity to gift the program to others in need of these tools.  


I look forward to seeing you in the zoom room and on Facebook.

Conscious Collective Coaches, Lightworkers & Practitioners Series 
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This class will give you tools and awareness to support you as you naturally take your place as part of the conscious collective in this world. This class will assist you in defining what that means for you and assist you in clarifying your direction and unique blueprint for success.   The class provides tools and techniques to strengthen your energy field, stay clear and how to clear yourself in ways that are simple and effective working with one person or in large groups.  We will explore the invitation that spirit is offering to us to add to the loving on the planet and support in discerning how to respond to the invitation.    LEARN MORE

Thriving as an Empath (no dates currently scheduled)

Thriving as an Empath in todays world has many opportunities for healing growth and learning.  I have developed a context for an empath to create more space both inside and outside to be able to more fully engage in the world.  After participating in this class you will have new tools to assist you in using your empathic skills and consciousness in ways that are uplifting, joyful and purposeful.  Each participant with develop unique ways to understand, express and cultivate their empathic and intuitive gifts.   Learn More...