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The Empath by Nature Series

The Empath by Nature Series is an eight-week course designed to assist empaths in understanding their nature and thriving as an Empath in today's world. I have created a new paradigm for empaths to view themselves and their world differently. This approach assists empaths in creating more space both inside and outside to more fully engage in the world. After participating in this class you will have new tools to assist you in using your empathic skills and consciousness in uplifting, joyful, and purposeful ways. Each participant will develop their unique ways to understand, express, and cultivate their unique empathic and intuitive gifts.  Learn More
March 18, 2024 - May 6, 2024

Monday evenings 5-7 PM Pacific

Conscious Collective Class for Coaches, Lightworkers & Practitioners Series

If you are a practitioner that is here to help raise the consciousness of the planet this class will give you tools and awareness to support you as you naturally take your place as part of the conscious collective in this world. This class will assist you in defining what that means for you and assist you in clarifying your direction and unique blueprint for success.   The class provides tools and techniques to strengthen your energy field, stay clear, and how to clear yourself in ways that are simple and effective when working with individuals or in large groups.  We will explore the invitation that spirit is offering to us and how we can add to the loving on the planet and support in discerning how to best respond to the invitation.   Learn More 

March 26, 2024 - May 14, 2024 


Tuesday evenings 5-7 PM Pacific 


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