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Paula Majeski is a highly-skilled and experienced healer and empath who guides people to and over the “bridges of life”; those transitions we all experience at some point - birth, illness, death, relationship changes including our inner relationship.  Paula has coached a variety of different people in a myriad of situations, circumstances and choice points and the question is the same. How do we get where we want to go, learn what is present to learn and take the next courageous steps on your path to greater love, kindness and grace both inside yourself and with others. 

Paula has a mission to help empaths reconnect with their empathic nature and offers ways for them to evaluate and recontext their understanding of how they are wired. She also assists them in seeing their empathy and compassion as a gift and helps them develop confidence and clarity about how to share their empathic nature in the world through classes and private sessions.  


Paula is also a sought-after creative artist who works in both digital and physical mediums. Her artwork is uplifting, inspirational and indicative of her desire to connect with Spirit and be a conduit of creative Source.  She launched her company, Bless Everything, as a platform for her offerings of love, joy, beauty and healing in the world.


If you find yourself at the bridge over the chasm, ask yourself if you would like to have a guide? 

What transition are You in?


Life Cycle Transitions

 ~ reinventing yourself and your world view

Are you at a choice point, yours or someone else’s that impacts you and you are trying to find your inner compass? 

  • Relationship changes

  • Birth / Pregnancy

  • Illness / Death

  • Aging with Purpose

  • Grief Work

Manifesting Creativity & Purpose in the world

~ Going Pro!

Are you here to serve humanity? Know you are here to raise the vibration of the planet with your gifts? 

  • Empaths 

  • Artists / Creatives

  • Healing Practitioners

  • Facilitators / Ministers

  • Conscious Entrepreneurs


Self Care amid Intensity

~ weathering the energetic storm


Are you wanting to expand what you are offering into the world and find yourself leaving yourself out of the equation? 


Learn how to take care of yourself energetically so that you can serve yourself, enjoy your life, be enlivened and recharged instead of depleted and tired. ​


  • Empaths 

  • Highly Sensitive People

  • Caregivers  

  • Coaches, Practitioners and Energy workers

  • Self-care during transitions

  • Energy Clearing

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